jOnezi - The Big Picture

tHe biG piCture

‘tHe hAnging gArdens of tErminal ciTy/tHe cEebration of tHe mEtaphysical’

consists of found objects from a well used dystopian film location named Terminal City Ironworks,1909 Franklin St..
These ‘found objects’ are metal moulds made of wood, painted thus turning them into ‘Nu Readymades’
At the time of acquisition a few ‘key Rigging Grips from the film industry had passed away. The following year many more celebrities
passed as well. I have placed photos with quotes of these human souls on the backs of the ‘Nu Readymades’ in memorial.




iMage  mEtaphysical

liGht and miNd

my pAlette,

thRough the ‘lOoking  gLass’

unlOcking dOors of pErception

eMulsion and piXels illUstrating

iMage aeSthetic

eTernally cAptured

eMbiding in the allUre of the tiMeless


the iMprisonment of the rEctilinear fRame

I  sCream,

fRee me…  fRee me!

lEt my hands, my eYes and my miNd

fReely exPlore the aCt of cReation

fReely inTerpret the  sUbliminal

fReedom fRom cOnceptual miNimalism

iMages cHallenging pHotographic bOundaries

eMbracing and ceLebrating the pAssion of bEing

aCknowledging the wOrld aRound us

nOt  hiDing  beHind iMage oBscura





David Thomas Jones

Multimedia Background

Birth Date: September 30, 1955, Victoria, BC, Canada
I have been photographing personally and professionally since I was a young teenager.
– I discovered the magic of photography in 1967 at the age of 12 as a photography club member at
private school St. Andrews College, Ontario 1966-1970 .
– Later on as a part time media student at George Brown College in Toronto ’74 using 1/2 inch B&W
video tape and still images?
– In 1976 I traveled throughout Europe documenting my journey with my still camera.
– I moved to Vancouver, BC in 1978, and that fall I was fortunate enough to be admitted to the 2 yr.
Photography Technician Program at Langara College.
Graduated in 1980 with a minor in Film Production.
– I freelanced and assisted from 1980 –’81
– National Association of Photographic Art group Show Robson Square, Vancouver, BC early 1980’s
– Contemporary Art Gallery PEMD art photo grant early 1980’s
– I volunteered in video production at Rogers Cable 10 in 1983.
– 1984-’87 I completed the Television Production program at BCIT.
– 1986 to 1992 Knowledge Network. ’84 – ’97
– Cameraman at BC Place Stadium 1984-1998 (note: I was the hand held camera operator who picked
out Pamela Anderson from the football crowd)
– Group exhibitions at Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, BC 1995/1996 (Ian MCGuffie-curator)
– Completed 1 yr. UBC (Fine Arts- minor)
– Member IATSE 891 1998- Grip film technician Full time work.
– Dec. 10, 1999 began a 2 yr. Trip to Middle East , Turkey and Greece. Documented my travels with a
mini DV digital video camera and still camera.
– Married Turkish bebe Mutlu Karadag Oct. 6, 2001-2016
– Father Ken Jones passes away Jan. 2, 2004.
– NYC International ArtExpo -SOLO Pavilion Exhibitor,booth # 3063, Feb. 26-Mar. 1
Havana Art Gallery May, 2004
2014-2016 – Travels to South and Central America and Cuba
Art! Vancouver, RAW, Solo Exhibit- Art Spring/Salt Spring island 2016

Film and Still Photography Documentary projects


Graffiti of South and Central America
Art documentary photographs of amazing street mural and Graffiti Art
Archival chromogenic pigments/acrylic

B& W hand colored stills, fully released images ’95 –’97

‘Fetish Images’
Stills taken during the filming of ‘Domina’ a film about the fetish scene in Vancouver…a work in progress

‘Doors of Perception’:
A continued collection of photo stills of doorways taken around the world. 1990 – continued

3rd World Portraits: A collection of images of 3rd world nations taken during my travels.


(Works in progress *)

Dahab: South of Ras Abu Galum – a look at the Bedouin, Egyptians and tourist of a small unique back packers village located on the Eastern coast of the Egyptian Sinai. 2003

*Vendors of Istanbul: A look at the present day street vendor of Istanbul contrasted with those from a by-gone age.

*Big City Freaks: Film documentary a peek into the underground Fetish, S&M scene of Vancouver. ’99 …


‘The Hanging Gardens of Terminal City’
Found objects from Terminal City Ironworks turned into Readymade art.
Aluminum pipe, acryli, enamel, wood/metal 12’ x 8’ x 7’

‘Groovy Girl’ : video
Multimedia prototype sculpture: ‘jonesi’d/dadist reconstruction of Nike of Samothrace. A juxtaposed represention of the conflict of cultures, war mixed with the humour of the ‘Winged Victory’ rotating horizontally, counter clockwise with its headless rabbit face grinning sarcastically at the viewer.
Yellow acrylic painted sculpture clay, w/ Alfred E. Newman hologram, Crusader flags, legs& red boots & rotating platform

‘Scream of the Dragonfly’

A prototype of an semi-abstracted image of a Dragonfly screaming. Proposed outdoor installation in the country side whose purpose is to bring Art to the rural areas, reflecting environmental concerns and stimulating interest, dialogue in art. Prototype:
Acrylic on board 6 sections – 6’ x 4’