Phillip McDermott - Colour and Movement - postcard for exhibit

Philip McDermott (Artist)

I am a local artist born in Liverpool, England in 1963. I began painting at age 4 and tutored under a professional artist in my teens. I received a MFA from UBC in 1986 in theatre design and have since spent most of my time working in the local film industry as a scenic artist. After a few life changing events, I have slowly moved more towards painting and photography with much more emphasis on the painting over the past 2 years. Many of the influences are based on my knowledge of art history, the environment, and my photography. For me, the art has always been about many layers of colour, and composition. I try to allow feelings come through and for the most part, let the paint to the work. I use a variety of media and have developed a pour technique thus allowing the work to become much more organic, and hopefully natural. In August 2014 I showed my larger, and more recent work at the Fragrant Wood Gallery on Granville Street. In early 2015 I also showed at the Raymond Chow Gallery on Main Street. I am very excited to have recently moved into the awesome 321 Railway Studios this year. This is my first showing since the Eastside Culture Crawl in 2015. The new works are bright, bold and full of movement. The pieces to come are more figurative yet focusing on fluid movement of materials.