Ice Box Gallery presents Man and his World, a group exhibition.

Man and his World | A Capture Photo Festival Exhibition

In Man and his World, four photographers offer their interpretations of the mark of man, on the world he inhabits – as statesman, as spiritual man, as reflecting man, and as journeying man.


Brian C Cyr, A Drop of TimeBrian is an award winning photographer who left Ontario to be closer to the amazing West Coast.

Brian spent a number of years shooting stills photography in the film business but his passion has always been nature and outdoor adventure.

By capturing the stunning beauty of our planet with his camera, he hopes to increase people’s awareness to its plight and some of the adverse effects of our civilization on it.


A visionary artist originally from the rustic last frontier of Northern Canada, Rob has transformed the photographic world with his iconic portraits of massive global figures such as Bill Clinton, Justin Trudeau, and Amal Clooney.

Rob Gilbert, Turki Al Dakhil (2016)His life began in a log cabin on 300 acres of land, living off of the fish and wildlife his father hunted, while his mother raised a family of twelve children.

Rob embraced the rural existence discovered by his parents, both European immigrants who were seeking the adventure of a life where self-reliance and the ability to survive became the norm.

Rob’s journey took him to Vancouver, where his interest in photography led to stints as an assistant with some of the greatest photographers Canada has produced.

His foray into portraiture over sixteen years includes a client base of the world’s top leaders in their respective fields – television stars, film stars, political world leaders, and billionaire philanthropists.

Constantly travelling the planet, in 2015 Rob worked in New York, LA, London, Berlin, and Dubai.

His photographic style is noted for world-class lighting, and an amazing ability to direct talent of all backgrounds.


Born August 20th 1976.

Brendan Meadows, Selfoss 1 CAPIn 1986, Brendan received his first Polaroid camera and captured Princess Diana on his second exposure during Expo ’86. She was 23; he was 10. From there, his fascination with the human persona began and he has been making people look good ever since.

Brendan consistently challenges himself and the applications of his craft. He has contributed photographs to Vice, Inventory, and Rolling Stone, and has collaborated with Charles Bradley, Leon Bridges, Saul Williams, Bat For Lashes, and Ronnie Hawkins. Brendan continues to work fervently in the worlds of portrait and entertainment photography for networks such as FOX, AMC, A&E, and CW.

Over the years, he has founded three hugely successful and influential art projects: Drawn to Develop, Front Lines, and Covet Exhibition.

Simply put, Brendan considers himself a gifted wanderer, a collector of people and places, a catcher of beauty as it changes, and feels blessed to be able to make work of this caliber on a continual basis.


Scott’s interest in photography began at the age of nine when he snuck his mother’s Polaroid camera into the attic to play with the winter sunlight streaming through its windows.

Scott Pownall Balinese Holy ManHis childhood was one of movement Рthree countries and five cities  before the age of fourteen.

This early peripatetic life enriched his experience of the world around him, which he continued to interpret through the medium of photography.

While he later trained and worked professionally as a molecular geneticist, he never stopped experimenting with photography.

The dialectic between his scientific engagement with the micro world and abstractions of biology and his photographic fascination in the macro of what being human could mean offers its own unique expression and interpretation of the beauty in the fleeting and changeable nature of our world.

He occasionally works as an event and portrait photographer and his work has been published in print and on-line. His personal photography has been shown in a number of art exhibits.