Eastside Culture Crawl at Ice Box Gallery

Festival hours at IceBox Gallery and Railtown Studios:

  • Thursday, November 17, 5 pm – 10 pm
  • Friday, November 18, 5 pm – 10 pm
  • Saturday, November 19, 11 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday, November 20, 11 am – 6 pm

Aurélia Bizouard

“I fell in love with art at a very young age in France, my country of origin. I was raised in a western suburb of Paris, which, along with Normandy, was the cradle of impressionism. It was here that Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and Morisot painted, some of my favourite painters who influenced me to start painting on canvas. I became intrigued by art and fascinated with the beauty of the Seine river and its impressionist surroundings.“

Aurélia BizouardAll of Aurélia Bizouard’s artwork are reverse paintings on glass: on one side, layers of paint are applied while the other side of the glass exposes the final painting and sublimes the colours with a glossy effect. Shiny, striking and glamorous, this material creates a distinctive visual; something simple to the eye is transformed into artwork, using many different ways of creativity: scratching, dripping the paint or shattering the glass. Painting on a transparent canvas is a very different process: you can see through it and it can be both fragile and solid.
When she PAINTS THROUGH THE GLASS, she expresses the world she sees, such as through a lens of a camera or looking out by a window. It is a sublime expression of how she pictures the world.
Glass vibrates and imposes its limits at every turn. Shattering the glass completes the expression of life’s emotion. Each tiny piece of glass, that broke from a previously painted glass panel, represents experiences in life : back together, the final composition creates a beautiful luminous one piece of art, with the REFLECTION OF THE LIGHT ON SHATTERED GLASS.

Her surrounding, people and travel are a constant source of inspiration and creativity. Her desire to highlight the importance of contemplation in a busy life is shared with COLOURFUL PIECES OF ART which attracts the eye and can stop people briefly from a rushing moment. Her art represents the importance of living and life, the big events of human existence and the beauty of the ordinary things surrounding us. It illustrates the uniqueness of everything around us. Today, GLASS and LIGHT are entirely part of her artistic journey.

This French artist lives between France and Canada, her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in Vancouver.

Brian C Cyr

Brian Cyr ParkBrian is an award winning photographer who left Ontario to be closer to the amazing West Coast. Brian spent a number of years shooting stills photography in the film business but his passion has always been nature and outdoor adventure. By capturing the stunning beauty of our planet with his camera, he hopes to increase people’s awareness to its plight and some of the adverse effects of our civilization on it.


galen-felde-in-studioGalen Felde

Echoing familiar landforms, Galen Felde’s paintings are a complex, often disguised integration of natural and urban elements, addressing issues of empathy, impermanence and our difficult relationship with origins, adaptation and alteration of the landscape. Canvases combine acrylic texturing and under-painting with feathered brushwork and numerous transparent washes on wood panel. Galen was born in Vancouver, BC and studied the visual arts as well as contemporary dance in Vancouver, London Eng. and Montreal, Que. She forged her career as an independent artist until 2007, and is now represented in Vancouver BC, Toronto Ont. and Canmore, Alberta. Her work is collected internationally.



Artist Statement/Bio
jOnezi has been practising his ‘lens based’ art for over 40 years. Born in Victoria, BC the same day James Dean died Sept.30 1955.

Another claim to fame is that I am the cameraman who found then unknown Pamela Anderson in the ‘Labatts Beer Blue Zone’ at a BC Lions game back in 1989.

jOneziMost recently jOnezi has migrated from art photography to large scale abstract painting. He uses an organic style which is more expressive rather than calculated as in ‘conceptual’ imagery.

jOnezi’s large scale canvas’s have currently two distinct themes:
‘cEilings of pEtra’ 40”x108” mixed media abstract paintings on canvas
Inspired by his photographs taken at Petra, Jordan in 2000.

The other large scale colourfied Neo Pop, post conceptual series are derived from macro photographs taken at Terminal City Ironworks 1909 Franklin St. A former well used, movie location known for it’s eccentric dystopian urban city look. These aforementioned paintings just enjoyed a solo exhibit at the Ice box Gallery/ Railtown Studios.

At his most recent exhibit Sept.17 Nov.11’16, , jOnezi displayed his first large scale installation titled ‘tHe hAnging gArdens of tErminal ciTy’/ ‘the cElebration of the mEtaphysical’.

This is a black & white striped painted aluminum rectangular structure in which ‘found objects’, (iron moulds for the steel foundry) turned into NU Readymades. These were harvested from Terminal City Ironworks on their closing day party for the film industry May 31’15. On the backs of these objects is a commemoration of the film technicians and celebrities of our times who passed away in 2016 and before.

jOnezi has travelled extensively throughout the world since completing Vancouver studies in Photography, Langara College, TV Production BCIT and multi-media at UBC/Emily Carr. He currently works as a film technician in the local Film industry and is continually documenting set/location photos inspiring subject matter for later art works and his burgeoning ‘Art Doc’ images collected overseas.

Suzy King

Suzy King - Self portraitSuzy King is a multidisciplinary artist that began her professional work as a photographer. She uses found spaces, architecture and scenes she constructs to create something unexpected from reality. Much of her work explores the unreal, surrealism, dreams and the human psyche, pulling inspiration from her early childhood experiences and interactions with art and the world around her. At age five Suzy would watch the Wizard of Oz repeatedly. The idea of black and white versus colour has remained a theme throughout her years of school and work. Architectural space and black & white films continue to influence her music and installations.

Suzy was born in Winnipeg. She moved to Calgary at age twelve where she later attended the Alberta College of Art and Design. After spending a semester of her study at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, she graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Photography in 2008. Suzy currently lives in Vancouver.

Philip McDermott

Philip McDermottI am a local artist born in Liverpool, England in 1963. I began painting at age 4 and tutored under a professional artist in my teens. I received a MFA from UBC in 1986 in theatre design and have since spent most of my time working in the local film industry as a scenic artist. After a few life changing events, I have slowly moved more towards painting and photography with much more emphasis on the painting over the past 2 years. Many of the influences are based on my knowledge of art history, the environment, and my photography. For me, the art has always been about many layers of colour, and composition. I try to allow feelings come through and for the most part, let the paint to the work. I use a variety of media and have developed a pour technique thus allowing the work to become much more organic, and hopefully natural. In August 2014 I showed my larger, and more recent work at the Fragrant Wood Gallery on Granville Street. In early 2015 I also showed at the Raymond Chow Gallery on Main Street. I am very excited to have recently moved into the awesome 321 Railway Studios this year. This is my first showing since the Eastside Culture Crawl in 2015. The new works are bright, bold and full of movement. The pieces to come are more figurative yet focusing on fluid movement of materials.

Brandon Stephenson

Rooted in Brandon’s experience in design, his art practice uses symbols, metaphors and references in more ambiguous ways, to create space for personal reflection and interpretation.

In his current work, Brandon explores internal cultural conflicts through visual references. The body of work shown as part of this year’s Eastside Cultural Crawl investigates his views on cultural appropriation, privilege and ignorance.

Brandon Stephenson - triptic